Vidya Bhawan Society office at UdaipurPrime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh addresses Diamond Jubilee Function in Vidya Bhawan.Student's Union takes Oath of Office.Listening Intently!Seminar on Clean Udaipur in December 2014

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Vidya Bhawan Society has received Rs. 2,212,528.00 as donation in to FCRA account in the month of OCT to DEC 2017. This donation was received from CSIRO- Australia (Rs. 212,528.00) and Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) New Delhi. (Rs. 2,000,000.00). 

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Vidya Bhawan Society has received Rs. 53,853.82 as donation in to FCRA account in the month of April to June 2017. This donation was received from Give Foundation (Rs. 748.82), LAN Reyonlds U.K. (Rs. 41,905.00) and Andrea Uhlmann, Hewlett-Packard, GMBH, Herrenberger, Strasse, 140,17034, Boblingen (Rs.11,200)  as donation into FCRA Account in the month of April to June 2017. 

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Vidya Bhawan Society has received Rs. 2,007,249.92 as donation into FCRA Account. This donation was received From Give India Foundation, USA (Rs. 7,249.92) and Frofessional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN) New Delhi. (Rs. 2,000,000.00).

Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar:April to June 2016 Issue

"Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar" is the quarterly newsletter of Vidya Bhawan Society. Please click on the link below to see the issue of April to June 2016. We await your comments at vbkhojkhabar@gmail.com. VBKK_April-June 2016

Connect youth to Library

On the 124th anniversary of the founder of library science, padam shri Dr. S.R. Rangnathan, the library day was celebrated by Vidya Bhawan in collaboration with Seva Mandir. On the occasion the chief Guest Mr. Nilima Khetan, the C.S.R. of Hindusthan Zinc Ltd. said that the formation of library leads to the formation of future generation. Mr. Ajay S. Mehta, the chairman of Vidya Bhawan Society also mentioned that books play a vital role in making an individual self dependent.

Urdu Language Course

Urdu learning classes were organised in Vidya Bhawan Resource Center under the Chairmanship of Dr. Sarvat Khan, Head of Urdu Department, Meera Girls College, Udaipur. 70 Peoples benefitted of the course.

Donation into FCRA Account (July-September 2016)

Vidya Bhawan Society has received Rs. 864,008.29 as donation into FCRA Account. This donation was received from Australian Center for International Agricultural Research, Australia (Rs. 435,914.00), Give India Foundation, USA (Rs. 1,494.29) and Seva Mandir, Udaipur (Rs. 426,600.00).

Colget Company sponsored special scholarship scheme

On 21 sep. 2016 Seva Mandir in collaboration with Colget Company sponsored a programme at the campus of Vidya Bhawan Junior School. The Programme was organized with the purpose of sponsoring scholarship scheme for the children belonging to poor class of Kotada and Jadol Tribal Area. Under this scheme 33 students were chosen and given admission in Vidya Bhawan School.

Shir Isaam manager of Colget Company inaugurated the programme. He was happy to say that Vidya Bhawan is successfully working in the field of education from past some decades. He also visited 'girls' hostel with other guests and talked to the girls of hostel. Colget Company also distributed prizes to the students. Along with it, table tennis court and games room of the school was also inaugurated.

Smt. Priyanka singh, Chief Convener of Seva Mandir welcome the guest. She gave a brief introduction of Seva Mandir. She said that Seva Mandir's is working in collaboration with Colget Company from past 6 years. Their aim is to make study provisions for the rural children is school based in proper cities. In the mean while Mrs. Priyanka shing also introduced the guest to the colget leadership team.

During the programme, the children also shared their experience of previous as well as new school. How once they used to go too far to reach to the school and how there was a lack of teachers. In contrast to such situations, now they are given better opportunities to participate in curricular and co-curricular activities. They said that their parent is also pleased by their educational progress.

Shri Ajay S. Mehta, the chairman of Vidya Bhawan Society and Seva Mandir also appreciated the scholarship provisions granted to Vidya Bhawan School by the Colget Company. He promised on his part to the parents and students that he will make provision for the qualitative education for the better future of these students.

On the occasion, vote of thanks was given by Mr. Madhulika Kothari, the principal of Vidya Bhawan sr. Sec. School; she also assured the parents that their children will be given strong educational base. Although Vidya Bhawan is a Hindi medium School but it does not mean that the students are not taught English.

The programme ended with a dance performance given by students. There was also a tug of war between guest and students so as to build bonding with each other.

Annual Report 2014-15

Please click on the link below to see the Annual Report: 2014-15. Annual Report 2014-15.

Donation into FCRA Account (April-June, 2016)

Vidya Bhawan Society has received Rs.293,258.05 as donation into FCRA Account. This donation was received from Give Foundation (Rs.4,998.05), Douglas Z Wick, Baverly Hills, California, USA (Rs. 197,760.00), Guggi (Rs. 35,000.00) and Kerin Riehk Viena, Austria (Rs. 55,500.00)

Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar: JAN to MAR 2016 Issue

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Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar: OCT to DEC 2015 Issue

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Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar: July to September 2015 Issue

"Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar" is the quarterly newsletter of Vidya Bhawan Society. Please click on the link below to see the issue of July to September 2015. We await your comments at vbkhojkhabar@gmail.com. VBKK_July-September 2015

Donation into FCRA Account

Vidya Bhawan Society has received Rs. 8549.27 as donation into FCRA Account. This donation was received from Give India Foundation, USA.

Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar: April to June 2015 Issue

"Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar" is the quarterly newsletter of Vidya Bhawan Society. Please click on the link below to see the issue of April to June 2015. We await your comments at vbkhojkhabar@gmail.com.


VBKK_April-June 2015



Collective Efforts Needed for a Clean City: 6 December 2014

A seminar on Clean Udaipur was organised on 6 December 2014 at the Aravali Conference Hall of the Udaipur Chamber of Commerce and Industries (UCCI) in joint collaboration of the Centre for Policy Research (CPR), Vidya Bhawan Society and UCCI. A research report was presented on Udaipur's city limits, basic amenities like water supply, drainage, health etc., GIS mapping of open defecation in Wards, dumping site for solid waste disposal and other aspects of sanitation.

CPR is partnering with Vidya Bhawan Society in research; developing models and need based planning on sanitation; and up-scaling the urban local bodies to meet the desired standards at the national level.

Shri Subhagto Dasgupta, Sr. Research Fellow of CPR, informed that GoI will select 500 cities with more than one lakh population each under 'Swach Bharat Mission'; 100 cities under 'Smart City Scheme' and 60 cities under 'Heritage City Scheme'. Systems will be strengthened for health, sanitation and drainage under NUDM.

Shri Riaz Tehsin, President of Vidya Bhawan Society, said that the idea of Clean Udaipur should be instilled into the citizenry and collective efforts should be made in this regard. Shri Phool Singh Meena, MLA of Udiapur (Rural), stressed on controlling industrial pollution by adhering to the norms on pollution control. Shri Arjun Lal Meena, MP of Udiapur, suggested that the industrialist should adopt eco-friendly techniques and develop pollution-free industries.

Sharing the solid waste management scheme of the Municipal Corporation, Shri Chander Singh Kothari, Mayor of Udaipur, said that Clean Udaipur can become a reality with public awakening. He gave example of a colony where newly installed street-lights were smashed to keep the street dark for open defecation.

In the technical session, Shri K.S. Mogra, former Chairman of UCCI, informed about the hazardous waste management scheme for industrial waste being implemented by the UCCI in the Gudli Indistrial Area. Ms. Sushma Sharma, Head of CSR of HZL, spoke on the company's sewerage treatment plant and construction of toilets in the rural areas. Shri Anil Mehta, Jt. Secretary of Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti, talked about the Green-bridge Technique. Shri Prakhar Jain of CPR informed about the process of GIS mapping of Udaipur city.

Panel Discussion was chaired by Shri G.S. Tank, former Chairman of RPSC, who expressed concern over the encroachments on the banks of Ayad river. Shri Ramesh Choudhary, Governor of Rotary, pitched in with Rotary's initiative on literacy and sanitation. Shri Sudhir Dave, Chief Planning Officer, informed about the steps taken by the district administration to involve the citizens in the Clean Udaipur campaign. Ms. Rajani Dangi, former Mayor, said that proper drainage system should be in place before colonization. She expressed the need for more equipments to keep the lakes clean.

Dr. Sanjeev Tank, CMHO of Udaipur, emphasised on the need to equip the schools with facilities for clean and safe drinking water, separate toilets for girls and boys and modular kitchens for mid-day meals. Shri Vinod Kumbhat, Chairman of UCCI, said that the idea of cleanliness should be instilled in children at the school level. He extended all cooperation from UCCI for the Clean Udaipur campaign.

Other speaker included Shri K.S. Mogra, former Chairman of UCCI, Dr. P.C. Jain and Ms. Rehana Germanwala, Member of Municipal Corporation. Around 125 persons from government departments, voluntary organisations and industries participated in the seminar. Shri V.P. Rathi, Sr. Vice-President of UCCI, gave vote of thanks. 

Vidya Bhawan Khoj Khabar News Letter July to September Issue

Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar: OCT to DEC 2015 Issue

"Vidya Bhawan Khoj-Khabar" is the quarterly newsletter of Vidya Bhawan Society. Please click on the link below to see the issue of OCT to DEC 2015. We await your comments at vbkhojkhabar@gmail.com. VBKK_July-September 2015

PRA Workshop for Developmental Institutions: 25-27 June 2014

A three-days' Workshop on Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) was held on 25-27 June 2014 at Vidya Bhawan Krishi Vigyan Kendra (VBKVK) for the faculty members of the developmental institutions of Vidya Bhawan. The sessions included philosophy of Vidya Bhawan, concept and purpose of PRA, bottom-up and top-down approaches, operational instructions while preparing PRA tools, participatory mapping, matrix ranking, timeline and trends, Ven diagram, wealth ranking etc. Resource persons included Dr.S.S. Rajput, Dr. H.K. Mittal and Dr. Dhriti Solanki from MPUAT. 

Members of Vidya Bhawan Institute of Local Self Government and Responsible Citizenship, Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic, Vidya Bhawan Anganwadi Workers' Training Center and VBKVK participated in the Workshop. The Workshop was organised by the Developmental Institutions Sub-group of the Faculty Development Committee of Vidya Bhawan Society.

District-level Workshop on Panchayati Raj: 30-31 May 2014

A two-day district level Workshop on 'Strengthening Panchayati Raj' was organized by the Institute of Local Self Government and Responsible Citizenship (VBILSGRC), Vidya Bhawan Society, Udaipur on 30th and 31st May 2014 at the UGC Conference Hall of Vidya Bhawan G.S. Teachers' Training College, Udaipur. About 65 persons attended the Workshop, including elected representatives (ERs) of Panchayati Raj (Zila Pramukh, Zila Up-Pramukh, Pradhan, Sarpanch, Ward Panch, members of Panchayat Samiti and Zila Parishad), Government officers, subject experts and representatives of voluntary organizations working in allied areas of Panchayati Raj. Power-point presentations and group discussions on various subjects of Panchayati Raj were held over the two days in 6 sessions. Please click on the link below for report of the Workshop.

Panchayati Raj_District Workshop_30-31 May 2014.pdf

Jagat Mehta Remembered: 10 March 2014

A memorial meeting was organised on 10 March 2014 at the Open Air Auditorium of Vidya Bhawan Sr. Sec. School in the memory of Shri Jagat Sinha Mehta, who passed away on 6 March 2014 at the age of 90. He was President of Vidya Bhawan Society during 1993-2000. He served as Foreign Secretary of India between 1976 and 1979. Shri Riaz Tehsin, President of Vidya Bhawan Society; Ms. Pushpa Sharma, Vice-President of Vidya Bandhu Sangh, Shri Vijay Sinha Mehta and Shri Nand Kishor Sharma of Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta Memorial Trust, Shri Tej Razdan of Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti and representatives of other organisations and citizens of Udaipur paid their tribute to Shri Mehta. His daughter Ms. Vijaya and sons Shri Vikram, Shri Ajay and Shri Uday were present along with the family members. The memorial meeting was jointly organised by Vidya Bhawan Society, Vidya Bhawan Vidya Bandhu Sangh, Seva Mandir, Dr. Mohan Sinha Mehta Memorial Trust and Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti.

Presentation on Vidya Bhawan in Mercedes-Benz School in Pune : October 2013

A presentation on Vidya Bhawan Society was made to the children of Mercedes-Benz School in Pune in October 2013. The school had organized presentations by parents on the subject "How We Organise Ourselves : Organisations based on Social Needs". Ms. Saba Kapoor, mother of students Prisha and Sanah, presented the central idea and development of Vidya Bhawan.

National Workshop on Urbanization and Citizenship: 17-18 August 2013

A National Workshop on "Urbanization and Citizenship with special reference to Town Planning" was organized by Vidya Bhawan Society on 17-18 August 2012. Inaugurating the workshop Dr. Girija Vyas, Union Minister for Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation- Govt. of India, said that the spread of urbanization cannot be contained but it can be planned. Affordable Housing Scheme and other schemes have been merged into Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojna in order to give shelter to those living in slums. The Street Vendor Bill and Real Estate Bill are also steps in this direction. Coordination amongst voluntary organisations, administration, media and public awareness can bring about planned urban development. Town planning and Master Plan should have 10%-15% space for education, employment and other works so that the rural migration doesn't result into urban slums. Dr. Vyas laid stress on having consultations with the peripheral villages for inclusive planning. More budget will be allocated for urbanization in Rajasthan. The Central Government has plans to invest around Rs.300 Crore to establish a National Institute of Town Planning.

Shri H.S. Sancheti, Advisor, Urban Development Department gave detailed presentation on the aspects of urbanization, industrial development, tourism, educational development etc. in Rajasthan.

Shri Riaz Tehsin, President, Vidya Bhawan Society said that the rural infrastructure should be strengthened to avoid the migration of rural citizens to urban areas due to lack of opportunities in their vicinity. Nature and environmental concerns should be incorporated in the idea of urban development. He cited the 400 acre jungle (Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra), protected by Vidya Bhawan for six decades, in the north of Udaipur and Gulabbagh (Sajjan Niwas Udhyan), in the south of Udaipur as 'lungs of the city'. He suggested that Udaipur can be developed into a Garden City.

Dr. R.P. Sharma, Secretary, UIT, said that a control room has been created to address the problems faced by the people. On the first day of the workshop, aspects of urbanization and citizenship were addressed by Ms. Aditi Mehta, former Adnl. Chief Secretary of Rajasthan, Shri Nand Kishore Sharma, Secretary MSMMT, Advocate Rajesh Singhvi, academician Dr. Arun Chaturvedi, industrialists Shri H.V. Paliwal, Shri K.S. Mogra, Shri P.S. Talesra, Shri Komal Kothari and Shri Anil Shah, Shri G.S. Tank, former Chairperson of RPSC, Shri J.S. Mehta, former Foreign Secretary, Ms. Priyanka Singh, CEO of Seva Mandir and others.

Sessions on the second day were in the context of the Master Plan 2011-31 of Udaipur. Shri Gulab Chand Kataria, M.L.A. Udaipur, expressed his dissatisfaction over the functioning of UIT which has resulted in inflated land rates. This has made a house a day-dream for the common person. Planning and budget should be de-centralised and each department should have a panel of experts. Ms. Rajani Dangi, Mahapaur, Udaipur Municipal Corporation emphasised upon better coordination amongst different departments.

Dr. R.P. Sharma, Secretary, UIT, elaborated upon the process of making the Master Plan. Shri G.P. Soni, former Superintendent Engineer, gave a presentation which compared the present draft Master Plan (2011-31) with previous plans. He showed how most part of the the present plan is lifted from previous plans and reports and has stark contradictions within its text and tables.


Shri V.K. Dadhich, MD, Rajasthan Awas Vikas Limited, Shri S.K. Vijayvargiya, Senior Town Planner Jaipur, Shri Sudhir Dave, District Planning Officer, Engineer B.L. Mantri, and Shri, Ajay Mehta, Vice-President, Vidya Bhawan Society addressed various sessions during the day. Shri Anil Mehta, Principal, Vidya Bhawan Polytechnic College presented the recommendation of the workshop, which included survey of topography and ground water table before making a Plan, consultations with the peripheral Gram Panchayats, inclusion of recommendations of Disaster Management Authority, not to yield under pressure of land-mafias to cut roads through the campus of educational institutions, development of river Ayad, better sewerage system, not to shift administrative offices and other public amenities outside city, protection of the natural shore-line of lakes, emergency and trauma units to be in the forefront of Civil Hospital, need of Satellite Veterinary Hospital etc. Shri S.P. Gaur, Organizing Secretary, Vidya Bhawan Society, thanked the speakers and the discussants.

Foundation Day: 21 July 2013

The 82nd Foundation Day of Vidya Bhawan was celebrated with gusto at Vidya Bhawan Prakriti Sadhna Kendra on 21st July 2013. Shri Riaz Tehsin, President, Vidya Bhawan Society, emphasised the need for voluntary spirit in education and social works. Students presented colourful cultural programmes. Guests, students, teachers and staff members planted trees of indigenous varieties. They invoked the spirit of adventure, which is integral to the idea of Vidya Bhawan and enjoyed trekking in the hills.

Lecture on Innovations in Education : 12-13 July 2013

A lecture-cum-discussion by Prof. Umesh Vashishtha on the "Innovations in Education" was organised at the Vidya Bhawan GS Teachers College on 12-13 July 2013. A renowned educationist, Prof. Vashishtha is former member of N.C.T.E. and Dean of Education Department of Lucknow University. He discussed the ideas of Gandhiji in the modern context and emphasised on the co-relations in education. Education should strive to form a universal personality, which essentially includes moral formation and dignity of labour. He elucidated upon his Dream University, which should have local structures but should be an institution which brings out universal truths. It should be self sufficient, capable of creating a harmonious co-relation with nature and address to the social needs and higher goals of life.Prof. Vashishtha shared his belief that institutions are built around leaders, who should be flexible and should be able to respect and accept differences of opinions.

They should feel that while all workers are servants of the respective institute, the leader is the servant of servants. Leadership can be collective. Since there are individual goals and institutional goals; workers should be presented with the scope of matching individual and institutional goals. He discussed aspects of the unique experiment of Vidya Bhawan, its present and future. Shri Riaz Tehsin, President, Vidya Bhawan Society, said that the beginning of an institution is associated with individual(s), which develops into adherence to the institution and transits into commitment on substance (i.e. Vyaktinishtha, Sanghnishta and Tatvanishtha).
Dr.H.K. Diwan, Educational Advisor, VBS, Prof. M.P. Sharma, Principal, VBGSTC, Heads and faculty members of the Institutions of VBS and Officers of VBS participated in the discussions. Prof. Vashishtha shared his list of choicest books and films.

VBERC and TESS Open University to Work Together

Vidya Bhawan Education Resource Centre (VBERC) and TESS Open University (U.K.) have signed a MoU to work on development of quality materials in all subjects for classroom teaching. The partnership will extend into the areas of monitoring and evaluation too.

VBERC Writes AP Textbooks

Vidya Bhawan Education Resource Centre (VBERC) and SCERT, Andhra Pradesh have come together to write textbooks for Class-X of Mathematics and Science. This is in continuation of the relationship between VBERC and SCERT, AP.

English Language Workshop in Surat

Three days workshop on English was organized at Hazira (Surat) for English teachers of classes 1-8 by Vidya Bhawan Education Resource Centre (VBERC) with support from Hazira LNG and Port Companies. More than 40 teachers from half a dozen schools attended the workshop, which focused on the nature of language, pronunciation and teaching of grammar.

VBERC prepares ODL Material for Bihar SCERT

Vidya Bhawan Education Resource Centre worked with Bihar SCERT to write material for all papers of Open Distance Learning (ODL). The ODL course is for training of government school teachers across the state.

Frontiers in Cell and Molecular Biology

Scholars and Faculty members of different Universities found themselves at the frontiers of cell and molecular biology during the two days of a lecture workshop. Jointly organised on 14-15 February 2013 by Vidya Bhawan Society, The Indian Academy of Sciences and Indian National Science Academy, the workshop introduced the audience to Nobel Laureate Prof. Martin Chalfie, amongst others. The speakers elaborated on the decreasing boundaries between various science disciplines, science and career opportunities in 21st century, evolution of human cognition, genomics, green fluorescent proteins and how it brought a revolution in bio-technology researches. The sessions- such as 'Cells on the move: What is happening inside?'- and their presentation kept the audience deeply involved in the illuminating lectures. Young scholars also got an idea about how scientists work and innovation occurs.

Four Years of Quest

The Quest Project, run by the Vidya Bhawan Education Resource Centre (VBERC) completed four years in 2013. The project is now partnering 90 schools. A team of 30 facilitators visit these schools twice a week and provides academic support to teachers in planning their classes in a child-centered manner.
During May-June 2013, forty-five days summer learning camps was organised in 12 different bastis, which focused on mathematics, language and arts. Over 600 children benefited from the camps. Workbooks on Hindi and Mathematics were developed and provided to 85 schools. A district level training of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) was conducted on Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE). One day workshop for teachers of Hindi and Mathematics was also organised.

Workshop on Strengthening Panchayati Raj : 23-24 May 2013

An Udaipur district level workshop on "Strengthening Panchayati Raj" was organised by the Vidya Bhawan Institute of Local Self Government and Responsible Citizenship (VBILSGRC) on 23-24 May 2013 at VBKVK. The purpose was to discuss and share the practices and constraints in the functioning of Panchayats in Udaipur district; with special reference to the Institute's role since Panchayati Raj Elections-2010. The participants evolved strategies to strengthen Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
Around 52 participants from different disciplines of Panchayati Raj attended the workshop, including elected representatives of Panchayati Raj, government officers, subject experts and representatives of voluntary organizations working with PRIs.

The workshop had the following sessions:
1. Constraints in the Smooth Functioning of PRIs and Steps to Overcome with reference to the experience of the Institute
2. Role of PRIs viz-a-viz 5 Departments Transferred to Panchayati and the Institute's efforts to disseminate information about the rights and responsibilities of the ERs
3. Strengthening of Community Process through Ward Sabhas, with special reference to the Institute's Initiative
4. Empowering Women through Self-help Groups (SHGs) to Strengthen the Political Process
5. Role of PRIs in Implementation of Social Security Schemes

Three groups were formed, who presented action points on the following subjects:
  • Ensuring Transparancy in Administration of Funds: Role of the Gram Panchayat
  • Role of SMCs and GPs in Improving Schools
  • Role of VHSNC and GPs for the Betterment of Health and Sanitation Services

The members observed that the success of Panchayati Raj lies in the active participation of elected representatives in the process of governance at the grassroots levels. Their acts should benefit the needy and instil faith in the political and administrative process. They should position themselves as a bridge between the community and the government machinery. Even after one and a half decades, the Panchayati Raj system looks fragile due to the historical constraints.
Hence, frequent capacity enhancement programmes for ERs by institutions like Vidya Bhawan are essential for the smooth functioning of the PRIs. Panchayati Raj has brought some sense of empowerment in many remote areas, especially amongst women and deprived sections.
Transparency and honesty in efforts can bring about concrete and visible changes in the local self governance, which, in turn, may have a positive effect on the other tiers of governance, i.e. the state and the centre.
The participants included Udaipur Zila Up-Pramukh Shri Shyamlal Choudhary, Zila Parishad Members Ms. Meera Gameti and Shri Dharmraj Meena, Adnl. CEO Zila Parishad Shri Harsh Sawansukha, UNICEF Programme Coordinator Ms. Alpana Jain, NRHM Divisional Coordinator Shri Kumaril Agarwal, Jhadol Panchayat Samiti Pradhan Shri Kanhaiyalal Kharadi, Karda Sarpanch Ms. Radha Paliwal, Visma Sarpanch Ms. Badami Devi, Rama Sarpanch Chosar Devi, Veerdholia Sarpanch Shri Khemraj Meghwal, Varda Sarpanch Shri Tulsiram Suthar, Padrada Sarpanch Shri Narpat Singh, Vaas Up-Sarpanch Shri Shantilal Suthar, BDO Badgaon Shri L.C. Tomar, BEEO Gogunda Pawan K. Rawal, Adnl. BEEOs Shri Vinod Sanadhya and Shri Surendra Singh Solanki, WCD Supervisor Ms. Anuradha Gemavat, President VBS Shri Riaz Tehsin, educationist Prof. A.B. Phatak and former Dy. Director of IGPRS Jaipur Prof. B.L. Paliwal, amongst others.

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